Sometimes life can be overwhelming, even for people who think that they are well-adjusted and handle stress in healthy ways. Talking to a psychologist about your challenges and finding healthy ways to handle them is very important to both physical health and psychological well-being.

Numerous research studies over the years have documented the effectiveness of therapy for a number of issues. These include improving mood and overall quality of life, developing improved coping skills and interpersonal relationships, decreasing anxiety and panic attacks, grieving loss and obtaining a new perspective on an old issue.

Dr. Bellingrodt can work with your primary care doctor or other healthcare professional at your request. This can help improve the efficacy of treatment and ensure continuity of care. Dr. Bellingrodt accepts insurance and private pay for services. It’s best if you call your insurance company before scheduling an appointment. This allows you to obtain information on your benefits and coverage for behavioral health services, as well as verify that Dr. Bellingrodt is impaneled with your insurance company.

Dr. Bellingrodt offers a wide variety of psychological services, including consultation, lectures, supervision and therapy. Services are for children, adolescents and adults. Sessions may be arranged for individuals, couples and families.