At certain times in my practice, I am fortunate enough to be able to accept psychology students for internship. These individuals are in the process of obtaining their doctorate in psychology or counseling. By the time they reach me, they have already obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and accumulated numerous hours of patient care. I am one of their last stops on the road to independent practice, and they come to me to obtain the additional patient and supervision hours that they need in order to graduate from their doctoral program and prepare for state licensure.

These interns are available to see patients for consultation, evaluation and counseling. They see both children and adults for individual, couples, family and/or group therapy. They often have evening and weekend appointments available. Students also have 1:1 supervision with me on a weekly basis.

Because students are not yet licensed to practice independently, insurance cannot be used to pay for the student sessions unless I am also physically present. The current rate for a student session is $30.00, whether intake or follow up, single or conjoint.

This year, my student is Aubrie Jones, a very talented and experienced doctoral student who is currently serving in the United States Air Force. You can read more about Aubrie by clicking here.